1928 THRU 1931

 My interest in clothes has always been. My interest in fashions from 1928 through 1931 came about with the Model A's. First there was the "I just want one little outfit to wear when we go riding." That want grew to untold amounts of dresses, shoes, hats, purses, gloves, jewelry under things, etc. 
What began this massive collection was I happened to run across over 300 original dress patterns from this time period. I picked out those that I wanted to save and sold the rest to others interested in the fashion hobby. I then used that money to buy original items. This is how it was born. From there I was talked into entering into Model A Fashion Competition and for five years in a row, took first place. My real interest was in researching these fashion years as I found that not many knew what was or wasn't correct. I removed myself from competition and began to write a fashion column in the national magazine, Model "A" News. A column I wrote for over 11 years. I was also appointed National Fashion Coordinator which put me in charge of all the judging and judges at the National Conventions. It was always my dream to someday write the definitive fashion research publication, but time and interests are not cooperating. So I decided instead to share these fashions here, along with a bit of research information with any who are interested

The link below, The Vintage Pattern Lending Library is a source that I've used many times. You can become a member and borrow patterns or without a membership you can purchase the patterns outright.

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