1928 Women's Hats


Spring hats were seen in matching shades with shoes and purses. It was also not unusual to see the hat in the same color and material of the coat with the shoes and purse matching in a contrasting or coordinating color. Hatbands on, for example, straw hats were seen in the material of the dress worn. Straw bags with matching straw sports hat was new in the Spring and summer of 1928. The silhouette was a simple one, the crown was close fitted often plain. If there were any tucks or creases, stitching or insets in the crown they did not alter the close fitted to the head outline.

Large brim hats were seen for garden parties, medium size brims were considered new. There were some cloche hats showing new brims treatments. These were brims that were lifted on a slanting line directly in the front and showed part of the forehead. Many were cut up the front or over one eye The tendency was to wear the hat down in back and up in front to reveal the forehead. The cut brims were popular for all ages while the wider brims were for the younger woman or teenager.

The cloche style hats rested just above the eyebrows, down over the ears tightly fitted to the head. Note that I said cloche style hats as a plural, there were many types of cloche hats. The most popular were the brimless skull cap, turban or the small or medium brimmed cloches. The eared cloche seen first in 1928, is where the hat swoops down over the ears then up in front and back. The Skull, just as it implies, a close fitted cap like hat. Many narrow brimmed cloches show the brim wider at the sides, narrower in front and almost, if not, non-existent in the back. Popular hats were found with the right side often longer than the left. Tucks and swirls were the features on many hats, while the crown stayed close fitted to the head. The trimming could be a ribbon band, fancy pins, colored bones, composition rings, wool or felt flowers or a buckle just to name a few ornaments seen on the hats. A blue felt hat for example could be paired with taffeta as a bow on the side of the hat, all in the same shade. The popular materials in 1928 were felt, velourís, soleil, velvet silk and satin. The most popular material was felt.

Veils were seen on hats in late 1928. The veils were attached under the top and sides of the hat. They were not designed to be pulled back over the hat, they were sewn to be worn over the face. Since I havenít as yet researched the earlier years I canít say for a certainty when they first came into use. The first veiled hat I saw was in Fall and Winter hats, none were seen in what research material I had for Spring and Summer hats.

Celebrity hats were seen in late 1928 early 1929, Joan Crawford and Clara Bow hats to name a just couple. They were endorsed and modeled by the star or celebrity as all were not necessarily actresses.






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