I began collecting Beanie Babies in October 1997. My granddaughters and I are in a race to see who can collect the most. Gramma is winning big time!!


My Beanie Keeper, photo taken 1999. Many have been added since.



Our at the time only grandchild. He'd been living in Hawaii for three years. When we knew he was coming to visit I asked what he would like and he said a big fire truck. Gramma obliged.



And another enjoys the truck

That same old fire engine bought for his cousin, who is now 21! (The number of grandchildren is now 18.)

Clean Living

Gramma's little red wagon with passenger

To play someday was the dream of these two young lads

We like Christmas Bears

Returning home after shopping with Gramma

One sons family below.....

One sister (With big brother)

The other sister, taken 14 years apart!!!

The other ''older brother''

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