Our First Home

An American Four-Square

We moved in this home December 1963 and moved out Christmas Eve 1996. Our four children were raised here and attended the local grade and high schools. The decision to leave was based on the too many factors. Too many people, too much traffic. Ten years before retirement we began our search for the perfect place to play. Jerry wanted a house on a bluff, I wanted one on a lake. The only thing we really agreed upon was that it be in Wisconsin.  Imagine our surprise when we found both our hearts desire.


An aerial view of the old homestead. The two story barn in back was built to house the Model A's and the car parts, as well as our modern cars. The attached garage was converted into a workshop


The search ended below in 1994 we found our hearts desire.

The house it on the bluff behind and above me and I'm facing my lake!!!

A view from the side yard

A view from the back yard

View of the back of the house, the deck being a new addition since purchase.

A view of the back of the house from across the lake on another bluff.

Front Steps, being a new addition since the house was purchased. The old driveway used to be there. Note the mailbox

A view of the backyard in the winter time, giving a clearer view of the lake below.

Entry, Jerry gets to polish the brass.

This was basically the only furniture besides the master bedroom that came from the old house to reside on the main floor.

Dining Room on Thanksgiving Day. This area has been redecorated since purchase. The walls were half paneled and wall papered. The wall to wall carpeting was added in all the main rooms.

This design was one that both Jerry and I worked on to make it all unique and our own. The eating counter was so designed that no one blocks another's view of the lake.

The white cupboards and drawers have chrome above and below the wood. The handles are also chrome as well as the legs of the eating counter. The large two-door cabinet is half pantry and half broom closet. Slide in stove and dishwasher in the work area. A lazy susan in the far right corner and as you enter the room to the very far right is a smaller pantry. The cupboards were built to go up to the ceiling so there is no wasted space. Note the chrome strip in the counter top!

Bringing home the new toy

The Skipper and his Mate

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