Jerry and I became interest in Model A's in 1959. My father brought home a 1929 Coupe and more or less gave it to us. Jerry then dismantled the whole engine and did a complete restoration. She ran like a trooper. We had her for over four years using it as our family car.  No one ever told us it was a hobby until after she was gone. From 1963 until 1971 we were without an Model A and we really missed having one. In 1972 we purchased the 1930 Coupe,  from a friend and it's been in the family since then.

Over the years we've added to our family and proudly show them here.

Our 1930 Model A Ford Cabriolet

Purchased for our 50th Birthday presents. She is classed as our summer fun car. She's been driven to many states attending a few M.A.R.C. National meets and is a M.A.R.C. Blue Ribbon car. The grandkids favorite, they like to ride down to the lake in her to go swimming. The grandkids call her the CabrioLady!!

Our 1930 Model A Ford Coupe

Purchased in 1972, driven every year from 1977 to 1992 to M.A.R.C. National Meets. She'd been driven through seventeen states in three years, and has since returned to many. She is not only a driver, she's a M.A.R.C. blue ribbon beauty. I like to refer to her as First Baby! (For additional information on M.A.R.C. see the link to Model A Restorers Club below).

Our 1930 Model A Ford Snowbird

Purchased about 1979. When I first saw a picture of this type of vehicle I said I needed one. Jerry insisted we didn't have enough snow to use it. That was before the blizzards of 1977/1978 where we had almost weekly ones. Jerry said ok and there she is!!! We call her The Bird. As you can see, she looks a little rough. Each year I let the boys do something for her. One year they put in windows in the door, then put in seats, then covered them with burlap, then one freezing day decided to put in a windshield. So she looks a little more improved than the above picture, (not much, but a little!)



Our 1930 Model A  Town Sedan

The Lady as she's known, was purchased at Iola, a beautiful unrestored car. 
It was the summer we made the movie The Untouchables.  She was given a leading role.
If you look closely in the movie you'll see four cars all alike in several scenes. "The Lady" is one of the four.

Which leads us into our next bit of entertainment.


The Untouchables

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