Our brief, but exciting movie career lasted about six months. We were attending a Model A get-together when we were approached by some people and asked if we'd be interested in driving our Model A's in the movie The Untouchables, starring Kevin Costner as Elliot Ness, Sean Connery as Malone and  Robert DeNiro as Al Capone. We were so proud when Sean Connery won the Oscar that year for his role as the tough cop!!

We filmed in all parts of Chicago. Hours averaged at least twelve per day. A normal shoot usually took two days. Brian DePalma had four identical cars, ours being one, in many shots. Jerry drove that one and I drove the Coupe.

This was basically our first day shooting. We discovered very quickly that there is a lot of  hurry up and wait. The words I learned to detest were "Back to car one!!" That meant everyone had to back up and start all over again.

We spent the day driving in downtown Chicago, long into the night. I was the only woman driving. Please note that the shoes are not from 1930,  I had a pair of matching walking shoes, but they were too slippery so I put on my tennis shoes.

Jerry and I taking a break. His outfit came from wardrobe, mine came from home. It's a reproduction made from an original pattern.

Jerry and I are pictured above in wardrobe for the shooting. I wore my own fashions. If you look closely to the far right and back, there stands Brian DePalma and Sean Connery. 


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