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Continuing with my fashions

 from 1928 thru 1931


1931 Original Evening gown


Daughter Deb wearing 1928 Original Evening dress, made the cover of the 1989 Model "A" News Magazine


1928 Reproduction
Made from an original pattern


1928 Reproduction
Made from an Original Pattern


Neither an Original or Reproduction Fashion
Just A Pretty Gal in Roarin' Twenties Style


2004 MARC National Meet

The following are some pictures taken of the family at the National in Middleton, Wisconsin. We were so fortunate to have 13 members of our family there to help out and enjoy the week.

Three of the granddaughters entered the fashion judging competition.  One received a Fashion Award of Excellence, two received a Fashion Award of Merit. 

I leave you to decide your own award scoring!




Fashion Award of Excellence


Fashion Award of Merit



Fashion Award of Merit


These lovely ladies acted as models for the fashion seminar I gave at the Model A National.
Left to right, Stefanie is wearing an original 1931 afternoon or early evening frock, Leona is wearing a newer frock that one can almost swear was worn in 1931, Shannon is also wearing a newer halter type dress, this wasn't authenticated but I have the feeling someone copied an original sun dress from 1931 simply by looking at the construction of the dress.


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