I became card carrying member, okay, so we don't carry cards and we're not members. I suppose a better name would be participant of a discussion page related to the TV soap Days of Our Lives. This page was designed not to discuss the show but rather to talk more about personal things or events. I discovered the first time I "clicked" in that it was a great place to be, but I digress.

One day in May, 1998 to be more exact, I was cruising around the internet looking for anything that caught my interest. I for some reason decided to do a search on the one and only soap I watch and boom, there was a discussion page relating the the soap. I read a few posts and found some quite amusing. A few days went by before I finally couldn't help myself and began posting replies on some. Mostly in the tongue in cheek vein. Example, the poster originator would post a comment, why did so & so do or say that, taking the soap way too seriously, to my way of thinking  for a fictional story. So my reply would be for example "because it was in the script!" This went on for a couple of days with me making my replies humorous and down to earth or at least trying to bring the poster back to earth!!

On one of the post another participant (Midge) asked that I email her and for a while I ignored the request. After all, I had heard all the horror stories of internet stalking, etc. Finally after reading her posts and deciding that she seemed to be as normal as me, well, maybe even more normal I decided to email her. (Smartest thing I ever did!) She replied to tell me about the "other side of the Board" the personal discussion side. Said I sounded like I would like it there and that I would fit right in. She also advised me that I didn't have to join in, just read some of the post's and judge for myself. So I went over so to speak.

I had fully intended to give it a few days, reading the posts and replies while making up my mind. Well, like all good things, I think I got to the second post before I clicked in and began putting down my replies. I was hooked and hooked good. This group was fantastic and their posts ran the gauntlet from decorating to shall we say somewhat provocative. They were from hysterically funny to downright serious, no subject was taboo or safe for that matter.

Not too long after I began replying on the Board we made a trip to St. Louis and I told my daughter about it and said she would probably enjoy it too. She chose to take a look at it after we left and of course found the reply in which I am telling everyone her age. Needless to say, it became a fun thing to catch each other on our replies and leave chiding remarks. It was also funny when a "Newbie" would come on and see our cracks to and about each other and defend one of us without realizing we were mother and daughter.

In October of 1998 as you may already know by a previous page here on this site, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. October as most of you know is Breast Cancer month. I went on the Board with a post entitled October is Breast Cancer month, I know because...then once the post is opened I went on to say I was diagnosed with it. Wow, the responses brought me to my knees and to tears. I received a  huge outpouring of love and support from my cyber friends. It, today still blows my mind! I went on cancer support boards but none were like this one. These gals & guys weren't depressing they were uplifting. So much so that I was determined not to show any suffering or ask for sympathy or pity. They kept me going in a positive way with a positive outlook. Even though I didn't know them in 3D life, I began to receive little gifts of hope. A book relating to encouragement, a ceramic angel, a beanie baby, cards, notes, etc. Every time I gave a report the replies built me up to go on fighting. During my cancer battle another, Papa Mac, husband of Mac Mac was also diagnosed. She had sent me an angel so I sent them one. During his ordeal they encouraged me in mine. He lost his battle and Mac Mac continued to encourage me in mine. Then Me Me's husband CC was also fighting the good fight and he too lost. The Board during this whole time prayed and encouraged. It was almost an epidemic, Socks, Audrey, Traci's Mom all had struggles with cancer, Traci's Mom didn't make it and we all felt the grief. Lisa M's Mom also passed away and we all cared and cried.

Our latest tragedy was Tommy, Beago's husband. You talk about courage, he fought for years but God decided otherwise and we lost him in December of 2004. Even with her grief, Beago helped me in mine for Carly.

The Board isn't all about sorrow, we've had our great times and happenings too!! We've had arguments too but those usually get settled, at least to some extent!!  All in all this is a great bunch of people and in my way this is to say thanks folks. It's also my way of sharing the meetings I have had with them. So far I've met Shar; Nancy; Toader; Rouke's Girl; Sparky; Mac Mac; Dana; Beago; Calliope; Traci; Sarah; and CGR. Some more than once and I fully intend to meet more as time goes on.

Below are pictures taken of those meetings.

Me & Illinois Doolies Sparky & Rourke's Girl

Me, Pennsylvania Doolie Toader & Her Man

Me, Texas Doolie Traci & Illinois Doolie Sarah

Shar's Doolie Baby Shower
L to R Rourke's Girl;  Me; Shar & Evan; Sparky

Me, New Mexico Doolie CGR & The Boys


Georgia Doolies, l-r
Calliope, Me, Tommy & Beago

Pennslyvania Doolie Toader & Me

Georgia Doolie Mac Mac & Miss Leah

Georgia Doolie l-r Miss Leah, Mac Mac, & Me

Sparky, PB, Kitty & Me

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